Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ellaaa - Muzzle Sync BG

Background for my upcoming muzzled animal lip sync animation assignment- and my latest painting assignment, because killing two birds with one stone! Below are the opposite ends of the pan where the action takes place.


  1. Hi, I accidentally stumbled across your blog while on google looking for info on where to by sculpey in Ottawa(!). I haven't followed anyones blog in ages and ages. I like this BG. I like how the vines and the contrast of the red helps to frame the action on the balcony, like bookends.

    1. Thanks very much, framing was what I was going for, so I really appreciate it!

      By the way, in case you haven't already found some- the Wallack's on Bank st. in Ottawa and on 10th Line x Innes in Orleans (if that happens to be closer) both carry Sculpey that I know of!