Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cathedral for Layout

Here's the linework for a cathedral I created inspired by 13th-18th century Spanish Gothic architecture (for layout class):

           I'm a bit behind after a horrible stomach bug that caused a chain of rushed projects, but after working on this for so long I couldn't ruin it by rushing tones on the original linework. I can hopefully get the tones and characters done on this by Monday (as well as a second layout set in a tighter space).
           Coming up this week as well I have a pitch to Nancy Beiman (who was incredibly kind in letting me pitch on Monday), a caricature portfolio (that I'm very excited about!), and a life drawing portfolio;  in week 14, our final week of the semester, we have a final 3d animation due (very fun), a painting assignment + colour key from boarding class, an expression change animation, and our Leica reel from this Monday's pitch. I'm really looking forward to working on all of these things.

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