Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Commissions (1 week)

I'm opening free commissions for the week of Saturday, May 25th- Friday, May 31st.
These are free drawings of a character or a caricature of yourself and/or your friends for free!
I'll be drawing them with traditional pen & paper (uncoloured). 

Feel free to request a drawing even if you don't know me that well or haven't talked to me in a while; or even ask me to draw your friends. You can also specify certain things like what you're doing or wearing, or ask me to draw pets or animals too (as long as it's not too complicated!). The style is very cartoony and shouldn't (I hope) be offensive.

I'm taking requests until the 31st of May and I'll try to get them done ASAP but might not be before the end of May since I'm working now ! :)

Thanks for requests, they really get me practising! Comment or send me a message!

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