Sunday, April 21, 2013

Omer Deserres

Oi. Oi oi oi

In my first year of high school I started looking for art supply stores.
My friend Jess and I wanted to buy copic markers, so we went to the copic website and found the closest supplier was in Barhaven (it's about 1hr 30m on the busses from our city). The store was called A Fine Mess (scrapbooking, of course). We got horribly lost. Later we realized Wallack's supplied copics in downtown Ottawa (30m). I went there way too often and spent way too much money... I've probably tried every product sold in these places...
It was always a pain in the ass (or a fun outing, really) to go to the art store, so whenever I went to visit my grandparents in Montreal my grandmother would spoil me and bring me to Omer Deserres!
I went there this weekend and I got 2 Fabriano sketchbooks (8x10 + 9x12), a 24 pack of Progresso (Koh-I-Noor) woodless pencil crayons (I bought them because I usually use them for sketching, not colouring- great weighted pencil! They sell woodless graphite pencils too), 2 Micron graphics (1 + 2), a 5-pack of assorted conte (in an awesome tin. Everything had to have brackets)... other stuff, not important!


  1. Looks better in person than as a picture...

  2. Your style is adorable! I really like the shading in your character with the pencil crayons