Friday, February 15, 2013

Character Rotation roughs

Character rotation for Sheridan College BAA (Animation)
applicant portfolio 2013


  1. Lookin' good Kaylie! Just one thing to point out, if you don't mind, is that his whole lower half of his body on the front pose, doesn't line up with the rest of the views. Also the tail on that back view should line up with the rest as well. Just minor things that you can correct easily (:
    Other then that, this design is very cute and you did a good job with it ^_^ Good luck!! :D

    1. Eh, found this comment by fluke, I wish I got comment notifications o.o
      Thanks for the comment hehe, tried to fix that on the last one xD wish I had found comment BEFORE making the good copied lmao, so hopefully I fixed it!